Bird’s Eye View


Bird’s eye view is an elevated view from above, with the perspective as if the photographer is a bird.


This is my grandson.  I like the way he is so involved in the colored shaving creme and not noticing that he is being photographed.  I think taking it from the top shows a lot of detail.


This bird’s eye picture is appealing to me because I like the bridge on the left corner intercepted by the stream that travels to the other corner.  I think the trees on each side of the stream add to it nicely.

Snuf Bran

This common behavior between my dog and cat.  My dog is obsessed with my cat and will lick her probably three times and then nip at her.  Once Snuffy gets tired of it, she will raise her paw and Brandeigh will run off crying even if she was not swiped.  I felt that this was inspiring because it shows the behavior between two “opposite” pets.


I was on a bridge snapping pictures of the oncoming traffic.  I took about 30 shots before I could get one that had all the cars in lanes that I approved of.  I like the way the yellow truck is in the back and it is almost the same color as the line in the road.

Kaila mall

I was at the mall trying to get a bird’s eye shot.  I took this one because I liked the way it narrowed down to Kaila.  Obviously, the steps are the same distance apart the entire way down the steps but with the angle that I took it, it looks wider on the top.


I was standing on a bridge in Linthicum and took a picture of the train tracks.  I like the lines of the snow.

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