Interesting Point of View


I had some fun with these shots because I could take whatever I wanted.


This is a bird swing/feeder attached to a short branch in my backyard.  I like the point of view in this as well as the texture.

interest 2

I took this after the last snow.  It is of the small pond next to my house.  We have live fish in there that have been alive for at least 10 years!  

interest 3

I love taking pictures of my birds!  I think that is an interesting point of view because the birds are clear and the shed behind them is blurry.  I like all the colors in this picture as well.

interest 4

This picture caught my eye because of the different paths around the cemetery and I especially like the trees lining the edges.  The snow makes the tombstones stand out. 

interest 5

This was taken after the recent snow.  I like this point of view because it is wider in the front of the lens and it narrows the further away it gets. 

interest 6

My goal in this picture was to have the picture framed with the branches and then have it interrupted by the cardinal.  I have at least 4 couples in my backyard and I love watching them pose for me! 

interest 7

I like that the background unclear and the sign focused.  The ISO in this picture is 200, the f-stop is 5.6 and the shutter speed is 1/200.

interest 8

I was about 20 feet away from the Cardinal.  He kept chirping and chirping and maybe it was because he knew I was watching him!

interest 9

The seagulls were going crazy for bread at Lake Waterford!  These two are on walking on ice and fighting for bread.

interest 10

Another picture at Lake Waterford.  I thought this was an interesting perspective.    

interest 11

The moon during late day.  I darkened the background.






This deer was on the side of the road at Down’s Park.  She showed no fear when I took pictures of her and it was almost like she enjoyed it.  After I was finished, she slowly walked away.

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