Interesting Shadows


Shadow Photography is used frequently to express feelings and emotions.


There are several shadows in this picture.  It is appealing because the tree is in the center of the page and the shadows are on each side of it.


There are not too many actual shadows in this selection.  There is one in the front of the bridge at Kinder Park.  I personally enjoy water, nature pictures and like the reflections which I guess are not actual shadows!


This goat caught the perfect shadow!  He was half in the sun and half out.  It was an overcast day for the most part at Kinder Park.  I like the way that half of his face has light and half does not.


Another picture of the trees against water at Kinder Park, technically not a shadow picture.  There is however, a shadow in the very back.  I like this picture and it grabbed my eye because the picture is framed in water and trees and I enjoy those pictures.


There are a lot of shadows in this picture of a path.  I am attracted to this picture because of the shadows on both sides and how they line the entire picture.


I love snow pictures and thought this was a nice shadow casted down from the jungle gym.


I was down in my basement and glanced upstairs and saw this nice shadow coming off of the door to my kitchen.



Nice shadows on a squirrel!


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