Photographic Cinematography


Photographic cinematography is the art and technology of motion picture photography.  It involves many different things such as the general composition of a scene, the lighting of the location or scene, the choices of cameras, lenses, filters, and film stock, the camera and movements, and the combination of any special effects.


The first film that I selected is from The Green Mile (1999).  This shot was taken by David Tattersall.  This is a great example of cinematography because it captures an important part of the movie that reflects all the emotion needed to set the mood.  Paul is a Death-row Officer and he, along with Brutus, another Death-row Officer overlooking, is threatening Percy (a hateful prisoner worker) that he will be sorry if he continues to be  hurtful to the Death-row prisoners.


For my second film choice, I found a scene from Titanic (1997).  This was taken by Russel Carpenter.  This pictures shows the love and carefree attitudes of Jack (a poor third-class artist) and Rose (a rich first-class citizen) as they play around the ship’s deck.  They are having a secret love affair that would have been forbidden by everyone.


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