Silhouette Shots


Silhouette shots are a great way to convey mystery and drama to a picture.  The subject of the picture is placed in front of the light source.


tim sil



This was taken while I was in a tunnel and my husband was walking out. I like the light from the tunnel and the ice puddle.


snuff sil

My cat is gazing out the window, probably fantasizing about catching a bird.  Because she is strictly an indoor cat, this is as close as she will get to seeing a bird!



I shoot all my pictures in RAW format and this is unedited.  I think the sky looks pretty with the trees silhouetted against it.


seagulls sil

This was taken on a beautiful warm day at Lake Waterford.   You can see the seagulls on ice and the ducks in the water!  I was trying to focus on the ice line that veers to the right of the frame.  


Kayla sil

This silhouette is of Kayla and it was taken at the college.  The ISO is 800, the f-stop is 11 and the shutter speed is 1/100.  I like that I caught her hair standing straight up!  

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