Symmetry is a good technique to use in photography. It is very interesting to look at but I find it the most difficult!


I saw this bridge at Anne Arundel Community College traveling from side of the campus to the other side.  I was immediately drawn to it because of the symmetry.  I feel that it looks endless and was very eye-catching to me.


This tree was located at Kinder Park and was interesting to me because it looks the same on both sides.  I think it is a mysterious tree and very unique.


This picture of symmetry caught my eye because it is a pretty red color and I like the angles in the frame.

msj bridge

My son’s all boy school in Baltimore has a bridge that goes from one building to another showing good symmetry.  The sky looks foreboding and it was a nice contrast with the bridge.

george cromwell

This was taken at the local public school in my neighborhood.  I was struck by the way there was a bench on each side and each side is exactly the same even with the snow.  The red stands out to me and is a nice contrast to the white.

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