Worm’s Eye View


A worm’s eye view is the most fun for me.  It is a perspective seen from below.


I took several shots of my Lily in order to get a good worm’s eye shot.  I laid on the bed in front of her and shot away.  She is the perfect model.


This is a 2,000 pound cow that lives at Kinder Park.  I was drawn to the detail of the snout.


Another picture of the huge cow at Kinder Park.  I like the details of the eyelashes and the way the fur color is circular with white in the middle.


I took a walk at the small recreation park close to my house.  I saw this pine cone from above and thought it was a good selection because of the roundness of it and the pine cones around it.


I stood underneath this birdhouse in my backyard to get this shot.  I was pulled in by the blue sky which sharply contrasted the white of the house.  I thought the angle was perfect.

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