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Flashlight Source


This was by far the most fun trying to get pictures without using the flash.  I used an ISO of 6400 for all of my shots.

flash 1

My Lily was posing for the camera.  I like the way the light is reflected off of her chest.  The f-stop is 4.5 and the shutter speed is 1/10.

flash 2

My daughter is gazing into the flashlight in this one.  Her face is nicely light.  The f-stop is 5.6 and the shutter speed is 1/10.

flash 3

I like this picture because there is a nice shadow on the wall.  The f-stop is 5.6 and the shutter speed is 1.15.

flash 4

The lights were off with this picture, even though it doesn’t appear to be – only a flashlight was used.  The f-stop is 4.0 and the shutter speed is .3 seconds.

flash 5

Kaila is holding two flashlights in this one.   The f-stop was set at 6.3 and shutter speed is 0.8 seconds.

flash 6

Kaila is standing in the middle of two flashlights.  The f-stop is 6.3 and shutter speed is 0.4 seconds.

flash 7

Kaila was indeed trying to make a heart and it worked!  The f-stop is 6.3 and the shutter speed is 2.5 seconds.  Even though she is blurry, we were so proud of this shot

Interesting Point of View


I had some fun with these shots because I could take whatever I wanted.


This is a bird swing/feeder attached to a short branch in my backyard.  I like the point of view in this as well as the texture.

interest 2

I took this after the last snow.  It is of the small pond next to my house.  We have live fish in there that have been alive for at least 10 years!  

interest 3

I love taking pictures of my birds!  I think that is an interesting point of view because the birds are clear and the shed behind them is blurry.  I like all the colors in this picture as well.

interest 4

This picture caught my eye because of the different paths around the cemetery and I especially like the trees lining the edges.  The snow makes the tombstones stand out. 

interest 5

This was taken after the recent snow.  I like this point of view because it is wider in the front of the lens and it narrows the further away it gets. 

interest 6

My goal in this picture was to have the picture framed with the branches and then have it interrupted by the cardinal.  I have at least 4 couples in my backyard and I love watching them pose for me! 

interest 7

I like that the background unclear and the sign focused.  The ISO in this picture is 200, the f-stop is 5.6 and the shutter speed is 1/200.

interest 8

I was about 20 feet away from the Cardinal.  He kept chirping and chirping and maybe it was because he knew I was watching him!

interest 9

The seagulls were going crazy for bread at Lake Waterford!  These two are on walking on ice and fighting for bread.

interest 10

Another picture at Lake Waterford.  I thought this was an interesting perspective.    

interest 11

The moon during late day.  I darkened the background.






This deer was on the side of the road at Down’s Park.  She showed no fear when I took pictures of her and it was almost like she enjoyed it.  After I was finished, she slowly walked away.

Through Glass


This proved to be incredibly challenging to me!

kaila glass

This picture was taken through my front door.  My daughter looks tripled!  



My daughter!


glass bamboo

I tried to get a clear shot of the plant through the glass.  Proved to be difficult!

glass spice

My spice rack!

glass annap

This is in the parking lot at Annapolis Mall.  You can see through the glass onto the other side of the parking lot.  I had some reflection above the window but I edited it out.

glass annap 2

Another shot at Annapolis Mall but a different angle.

glass nath

I took this picture through my front door.  Instead of looking tripled, my neighbor looks doubled!

glass church

This stained glass is in the window of a Catholic Church in the heart of Glen Burnie.  I love the swirls of colors.



I think tunnel pictures are very interesting.  I think that because it snowed, it was pretty but in the spring, I would have enjoyed it more.  I used ISO 100 for all of these pictures.

tunnel 1

This tunnel is in Patapsco State Park right after we had our recent snow.  There are icicles on the top of the tunnel.  f-stop is 8.0 and the shutter speed is 1/80.

tunnel 2

This is another view of the same tunnel.  I love that you can see the snow and icicles in this one.  F-stop is 5.6 and the shutter speed is 1/160.  This one is my favorite.

tunnel 3

This picture is taken off of the B & A Trail.  The f-stop is 4.5 and the shutter speed is 1/200.

tunnel 4

This picture was inspiring to be because I like the reflection.  The f-stop is 4.0 and the shutter speed is 1/200.

tunnel bridge

This was taken mid day at Lake Waterford.  The ISO is set at 200, the f-stop is 4.0 and the shutter speed is 1/125.



This was taken at near dusk at Patapsco State Park.  ISO is set at 800, the f-stop is 4.5 and the shutter speed is 1/200.

Silhouette Shots


Silhouette shots are a great way to convey mystery and drama to a picture.  The subject of the picture is placed in front of the light source.


tim sil



This was taken while I was in a tunnel and my husband was walking out. I like the light from the tunnel and the ice puddle.


snuff sil

My cat is gazing out the window, probably fantasizing about catching a bird.  Because she is strictly an indoor cat, this is as close as she will get to seeing a bird!



I shoot all my pictures in RAW format and this is unedited.  I think the sky looks pretty with the trees silhouetted against it.


seagulls sil

This was taken on a beautiful warm day at Lake Waterford.   You can see the seagulls on ice and the ducks in the water!  I was trying to focus on the ice line that veers to the right of the frame.  


Kayla sil

This silhouette is of Kayla and it was taken at the college.  The ISO is 800, the f-stop is 11 and the shutter speed is 1/100.  I like that I caught her hair standing straight up!  



Repetition is a basic concept of art.  It is found all around us and is very pleasing to the eye.


I am fascinated with the row homes across the street from my son’s gated school.  I thought the repetition was nice in this shot because all of the houses are the same but different colors.


This was taken at Kinder Park in Millersville.  The logs are basically the same size and I like the way that the logs are piled on each other.


The stables in this picture grab my eye because of the angle and the building itself.


The silos in this picture and the shadows on them grabbed my eye for this picture of repetition.

red wood

I found this picture flattering because of the red and the texture of the picture.







Symmetry is a good technique to use in photography. It is very interesting to look at but I find it the most difficult!


I saw this bridge at Anne Arundel Community College traveling from side of the campus to the other side.  I was immediately drawn to it because of the symmetry.  I feel that it looks endless and was very eye-catching to me.


This tree was located at Kinder Park and was interesting to me because it looks the same on both sides.  I think it is a mysterious tree and very unique.


This picture of symmetry caught my eye because it is a pretty red color and I like the angles in the frame.

msj bridge

My son’s all boy school in Baltimore has a bridge that goes from one building to another showing good symmetry.  The sky looks foreboding and it was a nice contrast with the bridge.

george cromwell

This was taken at the local public school in my neighborhood.  I was struck by the way there was a bench on each side and each side is exactly the same even with the snow.  The red stands out to me and is a nice contrast to the white.

Worm’s Eye View


A worm’s eye view is the most fun for me.  It is a perspective seen from below.


I took several shots of my Lily in order to get a good worm’s eye shot.  I laid on the bed in front of her and shot away.  She is the perfect model.


This is a 2,000 pound cow that lives at Kinder Park.  I was drawn to the detail of the snout.


Another picture of the huge cow at Kinder Park.  I like the details of the eyelashes and the way the fur color is circular with white in the middle.


I took a walk at the small recreation park close to my house.  I saw this pine cone from above and thought it was a good selection because of the roundness of it and the pine cones around it.


I stood underneath this birdhouse in my backyard to get this shot.  I was pulled in by the blue sky which sharply contrasted the white of the house.  I thought the angle was perfect.

Bird’s Eye View


Bird’s eye view is an elevated view from above, with the perspective as if the photographer is a bird.


This is my grandson.  I like the way he is so involved in the colored shaving creme and not noticing that he is being photographed.  I think taking it from the top shows a lot of detail.


This bird’s eye picture is appealing to me because I like the bridge on the left corner intercepted by the stream that travels to the other corner.  I think the trees on each side of the stream add to it nicely.

Snuf Bran

This common behavior between my dog and cat.  My dog is obsessed with my cat and will lick her probably three times and then nip at her.  Once Snuffy gets tired of it, she will raise her paw and Brandeigh will run off crying even if she was not swiped.  I felt that this was inspiring because it shows the behavior between two “opposite” pets.


I was on a bridge snapping pictures of the oncoming traffic.  I took about 30 shots before I could get one that had all the cars in lanes that I approved of.  I like the way the yellow truck is in the back and it is almost the same color as the line in the road.

Kaila mall

I was at the mall trying to get a bird’s eye shot.  I took this one because I liked the way it narrowed down to Kaila.  Obviously, the steps are the same distance apart the entire way down the steps but with the angle that I took it, it looks wider on the top.


I was standing on a bridge in Linthicum and took a picture of the train tracks.  I like the lines of the snow.

Interesting Shadows


Shadow Photography is used frequently to express feelings and emotions.


There are several shadows in this picture.  It is appealing because the tree is in the center of the page and the shadows are on each side of it.


There are not too many actual shadows in this selection.  There is one in the front of the bridge at Kinder Park.  I personally enjoy water, nature pictures and like the reflections which I guess are not actual shadows!


This goat caught the perfect shadow!  He was half in the sun and half out.  It was an overcast day for the most part at Kinder Park.  I like the way that half of his face has light and half does not.


Another picture of the trees against water at Kinder Park, technically not a shadow picture.  There is however, a shadow in the very back.  I like this picture and it grabbed my eye because the picture is framed in water and trees and I enjoy those pictures.


There are a lot of shadows in this picture of a path.  I am attracted to this picture because of the shadows on both sides and how they line the entire picture.


I love snow pictures and thought this was a nice shadow casted down from the jungle gym.


I was down in my basement and glanced upstairs and saw this nice shadow coming off of the door to my kitchen.



Nice shadows on a squirrel!