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Outerbanks ….


My husband turned 50 the end of last month.  As a surprise, which was planned months ago, I arranged a trip for us to go the Outer Banks.  As he metal detected, which is his passion, I took pictures, which is my passion!

We stayed in a town named, “Kill Devil Hills.”  This name has been on the map as early as 1809.  Interesting name and the meaning is even more interesting.

According to legend, some say the pirates (whom called the shores home) named the town.  The pirates spent their nights making moonshine and brewed such horrific batches of rum that they were thought to “kill the devil!”

Others claim the name came about from a well-liked brand of rum named Kill Devin Rum.  Evidently, ships returning from the tropic with huge cargo boxes of rum became shipwrecked and the cargo washed upon the shores where the locals were able to enjoy great amounts of rum – enough to “kill the devil!”

Possibly the most fantastic tale involved an impoverished recluse who once lived in the woods on the sound side of the island.  In desperation, he sold his soul to the devil in return for a bag of gold.  The devil swore he would return one week later to bring the gold, but during that time, the recluse started having second thoughts and created a plan that would save his soul.  He dug a deep hole in the dangerous quicksand at the tip of the sand dune and covered it.  When the devil showed, the recluse enticed him into the sand pit, where the devil met his fate.IMG_8311 IMG_8570 IMG_8583 IMG_8590 IMG_8591 IMG_8603-Edit copy IMG_8635 IMG_8641 IMG_8641-2 IMG_8644 IMG_8650 IMG_8666 IMG_8669 IMG_8682 IMG_8694 IMG_8788 IMG_8815 IMG_8845 IMG_8851 IMG_8895 IMG_8968

No matter where the name actually came about, it is an incredible town and will became frequented by my family!