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Early Days of Babe Ruth


My husband and I love to explore abandoned buildings.  It is fun imaging all the happenings that occurred during better times and wonder what came to pass during other times .  I love to photograph them while he metal detects.

This piece of land started out as St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys.  Attended in 1902 was George “Babe” Ruth Jr.  and he was a resident there until he signed a contract with the Baltimore Orioles in 1914.  St. Mary’s was comprised of roughly 800 students, some committed by the courts, and some were boarders whose presence was paid for by their parents.  It changed names upon extensive renovations in the early 1960’s.

Cardinal Gibbons was a Roman Catholic Middle and High School for boys founded in 1962 located in Baltimore, MD.  It was established by the Archdiocese of Baltimore and was named for Baltimore’s most renowned churchman James Cardinal Gibbons.  It’s enrollment at it’s best was 1,000 students but due to economic strains and declining enrollments, the private institution was forced to close in 2010.  Even after many attempts to reopen, the school remains closed and the grounds were purchased by St. Agnes Hospital in 2012.

Sad outcome for the home of Babe Ruth….  people travel from far to see where he started out.

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